Win a tax free salary for a year at Neteller

Yes, you read that right. At Neteller you can win enough money to be your own boss for an entire year. That’s how they sell their new promotion anyway. And it does depend a little bit on where you live and how much that living costs for that money to last the way Neteller promises. [caption id="attachment_4515" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Fancy being your own boss for a year? Fancy being your own boss for a year?[/caption]

What’s happening?

Well, there’s a promotion running and it’s only in its second week now, which means there’s plenty of time to participate in it. In order to do just that you’ll need to use your Neteller account, which means you really need to have one. Every time you make a transaction you collect an entry into the prize draw. You can collect a maximum of 10 entries per day regularly, but every week there are also additional boosts that allow you to collect 5 entries on top of that. Mind you, completing the boost will give you 5 entries once. It does not sound as if you can use that boost multiple times. This week’s boost, ending on the 28th February at midnight, requires you to make a deposit $20 into your Bet365 account using your Neteller account balance. Of course, that means you should have a Bet365 player account. Since boosts change every week during the four weeks this promotion is running, there’s no need to go out of your way to open an account with Bet365. You can still earn plenty of entries without using the boost. And perhaps next week’s boost suits you a little better.

What can I win and what else do I need to know?

The main prize up for grabs is $2,000 per month for the next 12 months. That prize will be drawn on the 16th March 2016. But there are a few runner-up prizes as well. Every week 5 iPad Mini, 5 Fitbits and 10 times $50 cash can be won. The dates for these draws are on the 2nd March, 9th March and 16th March. The boost for next week (29th Feb to 6th March) is: Transfer €10 (or more) from your Neteller Account into your Skrill Wallet. The boost for the last week (7th March to 13th March) is: Make 3 (or more) transactions of any value that week. You may also want to know that you can earn normal entries and achieve boosts with the same transaction. For instance, making a deposit of $20 into your Bet365 account this week earns you one normal entry, but it also completes your boost. Do make sure to read all the small print on the promotion on Neteller’s site as well. We wish you good luck when entering this promotion.   Make a deposit or transaction now!

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