World Cup 2014 Betting Preview

world-cup-2014-logoThe dust has settled for the premier cricket tournaments around the world. We have seen an exciting World Cup in the Twenty20 format and the Indian Premier League ended a couple of days ago where the Kolkata Knight Riders drew the longest straw and claimed their first ever title in this prestigious tournament. While there are still many good cricket games to come in 2014 there is kind of a void now during the summer. We have the NatWest T20 Blast that is ongoing and some international test matches to be played, but besides that there is not much fun to be had. But if you enjoy betting and like other sports besides cricket you are in luck. There is another huge event going down in a few days that will be on everyones mind and tongue. It is the Soccer World Cup 2014! This might be, competing with the World Cup of cricket, the most anticipated and watched sporting event in the world. And no wonder; teams from around the world are coming together to compete in the popular sport of football. Those who are crowned winners will forever be known as elite in this sport and make a name for themselves. But it is also fun for us who enjoy watching top players compete. This tournament has just as much drama as the IPL and the betting markets are even bigger. So let us give you some betting tips for the upcoming matches, both in the forms of predictions, but also tips in how to make the most out of your betting.

Betting Tips for the 2014 Soccer World Cup

Ok, so are you looking for some betting tips? Well, we have already placed ours, but are keen to share them with you if you want some ideas for what to bet on. Here are our top 3 bets for this tournament, before it has even started: 1. Belgium to win outright (19.00 @ Bet365) - Everyone knows who the big favourites are in this tournament. Brazil is the hosts, home of some of the greatest footballers to have ever lived and are going to live with the stamp as favourites. Argentina are sure going to give them a fight for the trophy though as they have a star studded team as well. Right behind these two behemoths you will find Spain and Germany. Outsiders like Italy, Uruguay, England, France, Netherlands and others are likely to try their hand at the trophy as well. But there is one team that seems to be overlooked by the masses, and that is the young team from the west coast of Europe. Belgium has emerged as a powerhouse on the World stages and their team is comprised of plenty of young and talented players. They completely dominated their group when they qualified for the tournament and are looking to continue doing that. The lineup from their team should also tell you something about how strong they are: Courtois - Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Vermaelen, Kompany - Witsel, de Bruyne, Fellaine, Defour - Lukaku, Hazard. They even have the young talent Januzaj as a joker, van Buyten as the experienced rock on defence and other talented stars. This team is definitely a dark horse, but a swift and agile one. If everything clicks from the get go, this team can stand up to anyone. 2. Switzerland & France to qualify (2.15 @ Bet365) - We found plenty of good deals in this department. We also like Brazil & Mexico to qualify at 2.37 and even Spain & Chile at 2.87. Many other good bets here we feel, but this were one that stuck out the most. France is the obvious stronger team in this group and are likely to win the group. The next team is a little harder to predict, but we are going to argue that Switzerland is gonna take this most of the time. In their last 18 matches have they only lost once. Under Hitzfields reign he has created a solid team that does not give much away and have some stellar talent up front. We are looking for their compact play style and hope that Shaqiri is gonna make quick work out of the other opposition. Given that the other teams are Ecuador and Honduras we feel their chances are quite high. These teams have no notable standout players and are gonna rely on their ~home field advantage in order to get much out of these matches. 3. Argentina to be the highest scoring team (4.50 @ Bet365) - Now the odds in these markets look to be about the same as they are in the outright winners category, and most likely that would be the correct pricing of it as well. But there is a minor difference we feel that should weigh heavily in favour of Argentina: they are grouped with three teams that have horrible defences. Their team is not only considered to be far superior to the others, but the defences of these teams are quite below par in addition to that. Combine this with the fact that Argentina is considered one of the favourites to win the whole shebang and they have a slew of offensive weapons, so this is theirs to take. Lionel MessiI do not think we will continue posting tips on this site though. Even though this is a huge event and many of you are probably looking for some betting tips I will keep this site (mostly) about cricket. Therefore I am stopping it with this post. But if you are looking for more tips you can check out my new betting site, Note that it is brand new and are gonna have some big changes over the coming months. I will be posting betting tips for the World Cup there, so if you want to you can head over and check it out. Hope you like it!

World Cup 2014 Betting Guide

Although betting on the World Cup of soccer is just like betting on cricket there are still some pointers that we can give you in order to be better prepared. The ideas behind our betting guide still works here, but we can still list some pointers, tips and ideas that you should take notice of and apply during the tournament. It might be the difference between a bad and costly experience, and a fun and maybe a profitable one. Check them out below: 1. Be careful with your money - This goes with every step of the sequence, so never deposit money you cannot afford to lose. Bad things happen in life, and bad things happen in sports betting as well. Even though you might be the best sports bettor in the world there can still happen bad streaks, the bookmaker might go out of business, your money is stolen or any other freak accident. Never spend money that you are going to need in the near future (or the long distant future for that matter). To add to this point we should say that you should never bet too much on any given proposition. If you keep betting 10% or more of your bankroll on any game you are going to hit a downturn sooner or later. When (and we really mean when, everyone experiences downturns) you come across them you are going to go bust. Keep your bet sizes small and last longer in this game. The tournament lasts for a month with plenty of games and bets to be had. Don't miss out on them by losing it all before it has even begun. 2. Shop around for good promotions - While this goes for regular betting as well it should be really understood during the such huge events like these. The world cup makes the bookmakers trying to come up with the best possible promotions that will attract the most customers during the tournament and some are quite generous as well. TitanBet has one we like the most and which at the same time entices you to bet a lot during the games. "Simply" place a bet on all of the 48 group stage matches (minimum $1) and be in the running for a free bet prize. There are prizes to the top 20 predictors. This is likely to keep things exciting and make you have a chance to win some extra cash for the playoffs. Look around at your favourite bookie and other places, there are sure to be some good promotions running. Check out this reddit thread for some more tips. 3. Have fun! - Don't get caught up in winning or losing. Betting should be fun no matter the outcome. Given that there are so many games you are bound to lose some. So remember to keep your composure and have fun with it. Do like me when you bet on these things: bet together with someone. If you lose you can laugh at it and call yourselves the most unlucky pair in the world or if you win it is much more fun to share the excitement. Just remember that you want to add to the excitement, not ruin it by betting