Competition Rules

These rules apply to anyone who signs up for’s Cricket Betting Competition.

Our sitewide terms and conditions and Cricket Betting Competition terms and conditions apply as well.

  • The purpose of the Cricket Betting Competition is to correctly predict match winners in cricket matches.
  • A player may make one prediction on the outcome of each cricket match that is to be counted during the tournament. This will be done on the prediction page when you login.
  • A correct prediction is worth 1 point, while a wrong prediction is worth 0 points.
  • Players are ranked weekly and overall according to how many correct predictions they have made during the tournament.
  • The season will be split into weeks. The first seven days of the season is the first week. If the last ‘week’ is shorter than 7 days, the last two weeks will be joined together. The weeks do not necessarily follow the weeks of the year.
  • After each week, and after the whole tournament is finished, the top-ranking player(s) will be contacted via e-mail with instructions on how to collect their prize(s). The prize(s) must be collected within the deadline given in the e-mail which usually will be 14 days from receiving an email from us.
  • Any cash prizes will be paid out to the winners’ betting account on our sponsor’s website, in the form of free bets, vouchers and/or equivalents. Information on who the current sponsor is will be available at the competition landing page.
  • The recipient of the cash prizes needs to make sure that they are following the rules and regulations of the region they are from when accepting and using our sponsors website. is not responsible for any of our users actions beyond our website.
  • In the event of several players ending up with the same amount of correct predictions, the competition will be decided with a random draw.

Last updated 12 February 2019

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