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Let me just state the obvious here: Cricket is the most popular sport in India.

The first recorded match was in 1721. That’s nearly 300 years the country has enjoyed playing and watching the sport.

And lots of people watch it.

Whenever there’s a big match about 400 million people tune in to watch it. That’s 400 million people of a population of 1.3 billion – or 1/3.

(Maybe ‘popular’ is an understatement?)

Anyway, a lot of Indians also bet on cricket. And, according to our website statistics, a lot of them worry about the legalities of online gambling in India. They want to know if they’re at (legal) risk for betting on cricket.

So, are they? Are you?

That’s what this page will explore in more detail. Let’s jump into it.

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We must warn our readers that whatever you do, you do at your own risk. We will merely provide information as to how you can deposit money and bet on cricket online. I will not guarantee that you are without liability to fines or worse. Please do your own due diligence and make sure you stay on top of the laws in your jurisdiction.

Online Betting Sites for Indian players

Some online betting sites allow customers from India to deposit and bet at their website, but many of these sites don’t specifically cater to the Indian population. They don’t always offer the sports that is popular in India or allow you to use your favored currency, which all makes it very difficult for players from India to bet under comfortable circumstances. However, there are a few bookmakers out there that caters to Indian bettors specifically.

Recommended betting site in India

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Did you know?

The first cricket match in India was played in 1721! That's 55 years before the US was founded.

Bet365 in India

bet365 logoWe would recommend using Bet365 as your main bookmaker from India. Bet365 is one of the most well-known online betting sites on the planet, and they have a great reputation among bettors and others in the industry. You can trust them both with your money and personal information.

In addition to being a bookmaker that is easy to deal with, they have plenty of other pros:

  • At Bet365 you can deposit, bet and withdraw using Indian Rupee (INR). This saves you from having to pay expensive exchange fees if you were to deposit using USD or other currencies.
  • They are also very generous when it comes to giving out bonuses and other promotions to players that stay loyal and bet a lot.
  • Their cricket bet selection is very good and they routinely offer cricket bets on even smaller leagues, both in India and around the globe.
  • They offer live streaming of bigger sporting events, like the IPL, PSL, La Liga, Tennis Majors and much more.

Be sure to make Bet365 part of your bookmaker arsenal, you will not regret it!

Betway in India

Betway logoAnother bookmaker we would recommend for players from India are Betway. They are also very friendly to the market in India and offer lots of betting options on for example cricket and they are looking to add INR as a currency you can use there.

They are not newcomer to the online betting market having operated since 2006, but they are new to the Indian online betting market. They see that people in India love to bet, and very much so on cricket, and are looking to expand to their market there. This paves the way for good things like their exclusive India 100% deposit bonus up to $40 if you are a new customer. Check that out here.

You can read the reviews for these sites if you go to our cricket betting sites page or see above.

How to Make a Deposit Online in India

Most Euro and UK sportsbooks accept a wide variety of banking methods. You can deposit with methods like e-wallets, credit or debit cards. These are convenient (most people have access to these options) and are quick (deposits clear instantly).

What’s more is many of these books will let you deposit and play in rupees. So you don’t have to worry about exchange rates.

But will I have trouble making a deposit, or withdrawing my winnings?

Not if you follow our guide on how to deposit to online betting sites from India.

How to deposit to Online Betting Sites from India in 4 easy steps

  1. Create an account at Neteller or Skrill.
  2. Deposit money into your new eWallet account using either ICICI Bank or Federal Bank.
  3. Create an account at a betting site.
  4. Use Neteller/Skrill to deposit funds into your preferred betting site.

That is all there is to it. Some of the steps will require a bit of patience and work, like funding your Neteller or Skrill account, but once you have it setup, depositing to your betting site happens in an instant.

Why do I need to use an eWallet?

For example, some books – one of which, reportedly, is Bet365 — will not accept credit or debit card payments from Indians.

That creates a problem, to say the least.

Neteller logoYou might also run into problems trying to use PayPal, Entropay or even Neteller, all of which have had problems with India.

And you can thank the Payment and Settlement Act, 2007 for that. This was signed into law on December 20th, 2007 by Madame President Patil.

This law gives the Reserve Bank of India the ability to regulate all forms of electronic payments. The most important part of the law states that:

Payment system not to operate without authorisation : (1) No person, other than the Reserve Bank, shall commence or operate a payment system except under and in accordance with an authorisation issued by the Reserve Bank under the provisions of this Act:

You know what this means, don’t you?

The country gives them the right to make policies on demand for anything to do with payment processing.

(Policies created on a whim –without much thought— are hardly ever a good thing.)

And that’s not your only problem. There’s also the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) 1999. This governs the exchange of foreign currencies.

This, too, can get in your way of making a deposit if you try to make a deposit to an online sportsbook in anything other than rupees (for whatever reason).

A Brief Overview of the Gambling Laws in India

Let me start this section off with this –

Laws, gambling or otherwise, are vague. It doesn’t matter what country you’re looking into.

A lot of things are going to ‘depend’ or be considered a ‘grey area.’ Nothing is every black or white.

And that’s definitely the case for India’s gambling laws.

One reason for this (in India’s case) is they rely on outdated laws that don’t factor in the advances in technology.

Take the Public Gambling Act of 1867, for example.

This is more than 150 years old. But the country still leans on this law as if it’s relevant.

The PGA doesn’t do much – it merely makes running a gambling house illegal. The penalty is relatively small – 200 and/or 3 months prison.

Of course, this law also brings up the luck vs skill argument. And while you could say that sports betting (and poker and blackjack) are more about skill than luck, the country doesn’t seem to see things that way.

So, sports betting is a grey area at best, and illegal at worst.

(Though that hasn’t stopped an estimated $60 billion from flowing through the country – half of which is assumed to be wagered illegally.)

Fortunately, India allows each state to determine their own gambling laws.

It’s possible to gamble (legally) in Goa, Daman and Sikkim. In fact, there are 12 brick and mortar casinos between Goa and Sikkim alone, where you can bet on sports and play casino games.

But, only offline.

Online gambling is possible. But because of the Information Technology Act 2000, any activity the government views as corruptible to its people is prohibited. This comes with fines of up to 100,000 and/or 5 years in prison.

But, it’s still possible.

Indians are able to place bets with offshore sportsbooks and casinos. A couple examples include Bet365, 888 and Betway. All 3 are top-notch, and all 3 accept Indians.

And since they’re offshore there is little the Indian government can do (outside of getting involved with payment processing – which we have already covered – or censoring what their people can do online, which it sounds like they’re doing or trying to do).

So, that’s the long and short of it.

Gambling in India is legal in a few states, but only offline. If you want to gamble online you’ll have to do so (illegally) at an offshore sportsbook or casino.

And that doesn’t look like it’ll change anytime soon, either.

The only positive thing I’ve seen is from January 2016. The Board for Control of Cricket in India claimed they were considering starting a team to study and put into practice the retired Chief of Justice’s recommendations to legalize cricket betting.

But experts and handicappers alike think it will take years to turn into law.


The bottom line –

Online gambling is illegal in India. And you may have hurdles you’ll need to get over to make your deposit.

The good news?

It is possible. Lots of other Indians are doing it. You can too IF you’re okay with the risks.

We’re not lawyers. We can’t tell you what’s right or wrong in your state, or what your next action should be.

Of course, you can always gamble offline if you want to be 100% compliant.

But if you want to bet on cricket online, be sure to choose a top-notch sportsbook, and preferably one that accepts the banking method you want to use.

From there, simply cross your fingers.

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