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Cricket World Cup 2011

Match Information

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2011-02-11 16:21:22

About the Match

It's soon time for the World Cup of Cricket 2011. The world cup will be hosted by India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh this year. The tourney will start 19th of february and last until the final 2nd of april. So there is a lot of action packed cricket to look forward to the coming days. There are 14 countries who qualified this year and there are to be played a total of 49 matches. Some of you might ponder why there is another world cup this year, wasnt there one last year? The cup which is called the ICC World Cup 2010 Twenty20 is called that on the west indian islands. The format used this year, is the original format One Day International (ODI) and these are different from the modern and faster formats that is Twenty20. Click here to read more about the differences.

The preliminary groups:

Group A

Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Canada and Kenya

Group B

Bangladesh, England, India, South Africa, West Indies, Ireland and Netherlands

Preview of the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup

This will be the tenth cricket world cup that is arranged, and this time, it is (almost) anyones race. There is not one clear favorite this year, and many of the participants have a chance to win it. The reason for this is because Australia hasnt been as superior as they have used to be. Australia is the reigning champions and have won the last three World Cups (1999, 2003 and 2007). Most people thought that Australia would continue their dominance for the years to come, but such has not been the case. Australia has been through a signinficant shift in their lineup, where a lot of their strong players have retired from the sport and new ones have stepped up. This change has not been as succesful as Australia would have wanted to and this has made it possible for India, Sri Lanka, England and South Africa to catch up.

Our Predictions

Our favorites to win this years world cup is Sri Lanka, India and Australia, in that order. South Africa and England are considered the outsiders, with Pakistan being a dark horse given their unpredictability. New Zealand and West Indies are to weak to be able to compete with the best teams. The rest of the teams doesnt stand a chance, and wont be able to do anything to compete with the rest. Off course, a surprise might happen, and will do from time to time, but these are far and few between and the odds need to be considerably in our favour for it to be +EG to bet them, and we havent found anyone that come even close to what we need.

Sri Lanka are the favorites to win. The team won the world cup the last time it were hosted in Asia. They then won their first and only world cup title in 1996 when they hosted it. This was also the first time a host won the world cup.

India is the biggest favorites among most fans and followers of cricket. All of Indias cricket-mad population demands that their team take home the trophy each time they arrange the world cup, and they have good chances to do just that. The enourmous pressure might halter their spirit, but it might also make them play the games of their lives.

Australia is the most winning team with four world cup titles. The team took a hat-trick by winning it three times in a row. Australia is in a downer period right now, but in a tournament, you can never totally discount them and they are going to fight for the title.

South Africa is a team that has underperformed the latest championships. Each year, they are considered among the favorites and praised into the sky, but every year, they fail like the last one. They are a solid team, but their nickname "Chokers" is not given for nothing. When the team is put out there and must win, they almost always fail. However, if they can get over this hurdle, they may get very far.

England is an up and coming team in the sport they themselves invented. This has not been the case untill the latest few years. This team won the Twenty20 last year, but has never performed that well in the ODI format. They can be a surprise team, but do not count on it.

Pakistan is The Dark Horse. This team will either do really well or totally flunk out, we will never know untill the tournament has started. They have a good team, but a lot of internal scandals and problems have been common for this team. This has ruined a lot for the team, which on the field are really good.

New Zealand will most likely not reach the finals this year after their surprise last world cup (2007), where they came all the way to the semi-finals. They have been living in the shadows of their older brother Australia for some time and will continue to do that as far as we see. The team is solid and will have a fighting chance, but they do not have enough solid players to be able to compete for the semi-finals.

West Indies has a long way to go to be among the best. They are not at the same level as they were in 1970. That was when the country won the two first world cups ever arranged (in 1975 and 1979). This team will probably go out in the quarter-finals.


So this is our predictions for this years World Cup. We will give out tips throughout the world cup, so please come back for more tips and analysis. If you would like to place a bet on this years world cup, try out one of our recommended sportsbooks

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