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HTS vs SML Eliminator Match Prediction

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190/5 in 20.0
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170/10 in 19.3
Aug 29, 201913:30
Srikantadatta Narasimha Raja Wadiyar Ground - Mysore, India
Hubli Tigers won by 20 runs

HTS vs SML Match Prediction

Shivamogga Lions To Win the Match, 2.10
Read our quick thoughts
  • Shivamogga Lions have a better batting side although not by much
  • Both sides have an equally matched bowling attack
  • Shivamogga Lions have more depth in their side and that should give them the edge
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HTS vs SML Chance of Winning

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  • TournamentKarnataka Premier League T20 2019
  • DateAug 29, 2019
  • FormatT20
  • VenueSrikantadatta Narasimha Raja Wadiyar Ground, Mysore, India
  • Time13:30
  • WeatherPatchy rain possible, 75% Humidity, 23.7℃

HTS vs SML Live Score

  • Toss: Shivamogga Lions (Fielding)

Hubli Tigers

KB Pawan 56 39 2 4 143.59
David Mathias 7 2 0 1 350.00
RV Kumar 55 45 4 2 122.22
Luvnith Sisodia 2 4 0 0 50.00
Praveen Dubey 23 8 3 1 287.50
Mohammad Taha 41 22 7 1 186.36
Rishab-Singh 4.0 0 34 1 8.50
Prithviraj Shekawat 2.0 0 14 0 7.00
HS Sharath 4.0 0 37 1 9.25
Pavan Deshpande 3.0 0 23 0 7.67
Abhimanyu Mithun 3.0 0 27 1 9.00
T Pradeep 4.0 0 52 0 13.00

Shivamogga Lions

Rishab-Singh 2 3 0 0 66.67
SP Manjunath 2 6 0 0 33.33
MD Nidheesh 26 30 2 1 86.67
Prithviraj Shekawat 1 3 0 0 33.33
Nihal Ullal 0 1 0 0 0.00
HS Sharath 25 16 1 2 156.25
Sujith Gowda 9 8 2 0 112.50
Arjun Hoysala 5 4 1 0 125.00
Pavan Deshpande 38 23 2 3 165.22
Abhimanyu Mithun 40 19 4 2 210.53
T Pradeep 9 4 0 1 225.00
David Mathias 4.0 0 42 1 10.50
Praveen Dubey 0.3 0 1 1 2.00
Mitrakanth-Yadav 4.0 0 18 3 4.50
Abhilash Shetty 4.0 0 39 3 9.75
S Gopal 3.0 0 36 0 12.00
Aditya Somanna 4.0 1 30 2 7.50

HTS vs SML Match & Dream 11 Prediction, Betting Tips, Playing 11, Pitch Report and Analysis - Aug 29, 2019

HTS vs SML Prediction - Aug 29, 2019

The group stages of the Karnataka Premier League are over and it is time for the KPL 2019 playoffs now. There have been several close matches in the last few weeks and we are hoping for an exciting finish to the tournament. Eliminator KPL 2019 is going to be played between the Hubli Tigers and Shivamogga Lions.

The Hubli Tigers staged a sharp recovery in the second half of the group stages while the Shivamogga Lions actually lost its last two group matches. Both teams know that there is no more room for mistakes in the encounter.

Hubli Tigers vs Shivamogga Lions Eliminator KPL 2019 is going to be played at the Srikantadatta Narasimha Raja Wadiyar Ground, Mysore on the 29th of August 2019.

HTS vs SML Team Previews

Hubli Tigers

The Hubli Tigers won an important match against the Bengaluru Blasters to qualify for the Eliminator. That was a very good performance under pressure and will help the players be full of confidence in this last match.

Chasing 159, Hubli Tigers were helped by an impressive 81 not out from Vinay Kumar. Yes, the former India fast-bowler batted at number three and smashed the bowling all around the park. Interestingly, he did not bowl a single delivery during Hubli Tiger’s bowling stint.

Mohammad Taha also made 48 and continued his good form. Hubli’s batting is pretty decent and they should be able to give the Shivamogga Lions bowlers a tough fight.

Players like Mohammad Taha, KB Pawan, and Luvnith Sisodia are the ones that will have to lead the charge with the bat.

As far as the bowling goes, Vinay Kumar could e bothered to turn his arm over alongside Aditya Somanna, Davis Mathias, Mitrakanth Yadav, and the others.

The overall quality of the Hubli Tigers is a bit sketchy but their current form seems to be good.

Hubli Tigers Playing 11

RV Kumar, Praveen Dubey, KB Pawan, Aditya Somanna, Mohammad Taha, David Mathias, Luvnith Sisodia, Abhilash Shetty, Mitrakanth-Yadav, S Gopal, KL Shrijith.

Shivamogga Lions

The batting unit of Shivamogga Lions is pretty strong and even though it has not quite performed up to expectations in the previous two matches, it should not be taken lightly.

Arjun Hoysala, Pavan Deshpande, Nihal Ullal, and Akshay Ballal are a very good batting top-order with respect to what we have seen in the KPL. Either of these players can play a match-winning inning which is what the SHivamogga Lions would be hoping for.

We think Arjun Hoysala and Pavan Deshpande are going to be the two biggest wickets for the opposition although Nihal Ullal is probably the most destructive on his day.

There is a lot of depth in this batting unit and we like this better than the Hubli Tigers.

The bowling is a bit weak in every team and the SHivamogga Lions are no different. Abhimanyu Mithun will have a big role to play as the designated wicket-taker of the side. He needs to control his line and length otherwise he can be very expensive as well.

Pradeep T, HS Sharath, and Rishab Singh are the other bowlers to watch out for in this match.

It is going to be a batting contest between these sides and that actually makes the bowling very important for both teams.

Shivamogga Lions Playing 11

Arjun Hoysala, Nihal Ullal, Abhimanyu Mithun, Pavan Deshpande, Prithviraj Shekawat, MD Nidheesh, Rishab-Singh, SP Manjunath, Sujith Gowda, HS Sharath, T Pradeep.

HTS vs SML Toss Prediction

The team that wins the toss is going to want to bat first

Read our guide on toss predictions to learn how we analyze and come up with our tips.

Pitch and Conditions

Hubli Tigers vs Shivamogga Lions Eliminator KPL 2019 is going to be played at the Srikantadatta Narasimha Raja Wadiyar Ground, Mysore on the 29th of August 2019. There are some thunderstorms expected in Mysore earlier in the day but nothing around the time when the match is going to start.

We should hopefully be able to get a complete game in without any interruptions.

Two strong batting lineups will enjoy batting on the Mysore pitch which has nothing in it for the bowlers. A score of around 180 should be considered par.

HTS vs SML Betting Tips

We think that the Shivamogga Lions have the slightly stronger batting lineup in this contest. The bowling for both sides is pretty evenly matched and overall there is not much to choose between the sides. We think the batting depth of the Shivamogga Lions will give them the edge.

Bet on the Shivamogga Lions to win.

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Today Match Prediction

Shivamogga Lions To Win the Match, 2.10

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Hubli Tigers 58.1% (768)
Shivamogga Lions 41.9% (553)
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2019-08-28 18:07:48
Hello today match wi
2019-08-29 07:04:14
Mustazhar Billah adv
The predictions made by become true but fifty perce
2019-08-29 01:34:22
Hello today match wi
Hubli win
2019-08-29 07:04:36
2019-08-29 03:44:08
Hello today match wi
2019-08-29 07:04:54
Tiger is bast
2019-08-29 04:36:35
2019-08-29 07:05:09
Pawan k
2019-08-29 05:19:36
Pawan k
2019-08-29 05:20:20
Shreyas gopal makes the difference...
2019-08-29 06:40:54
Tigar or Lions
2019-08-29 14:01:57
Shreyas Gopal makes the difference
2019-08-29 06:41:25
Musa Ali
Shivmoga lions will win today
2019-08-29 08:42:34
Musa Ali
Shivmoga lions
2019-08-29 08:42:48
Musa Ali
Shivamogga lions
2019-08-29 08:52:32
You predict always wrong.
2019-08-29 08:54:22
Bookie Killer
Shivamogga Will Win Today
2019-08-29 10:26:45
Win shivamoga
2019-08-29 12:38:32
Bookie Killer
Shivamogga Will Win
2019-08-29 10:28:22
2019-08-29 12:07:49
Tiger win today
2019-08-29 12:08:06
2019-08-29 12:33:34
Shivamogg win
2019-08-29 13:11:55
G sat kis tarah lagana hoga
2019-08-29 14:55:29
2019-08-29 16:39:47
Andre calvo
Shivamogga will win the match thsere's still hope
2019-08-29 17:25:46
Andre calvo
Shivamogga will win the match there is still hope just tell shhhhhhh
2019-08-29 17:28:01
Shivamogga win win
2019-08-29 17:38:09
2019-11-10 14:48:07
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