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Lancashire vs Lahore Qalandars - 24th March, Emirates Airline Twenty20

  • Used to the climate
  • Desperate for a win
  • One hand already on this essential silverware

Match Information

Emirates Airline Twenty20
Home Team:
Away Team:
Lahore Qalandars
Mar 24, 2017 06:30

About the Match

Lancashire vs Lahore is the second game played on the 24th of March, the final day of the short-term Emirates Airline Twenty20 Tournament. This is an exciting tournament and one that holds a lot of promise and a great deal of entertainment. We have already covered the game between Durham and MCC World XI, which will be played at the same time as this one, and both of these games will have a big impact on the outcome of the short-lived Emirates Airline Twenty20 Tournament. The game should be a little closer than the other one and the bookies are divided on the outcome, which makes for a close game and one that offers big odds either way.


  • Arron Lilley
  • Stephen Parry
  • Saqib Mahmood,
  • Alex Davies
  • Luke Procter
  • Simon Kerrigan
  • Kyle Jarvis
  • Tom Bailey
  • Liam Livingstone
  • Karl Brown
  • Rob Jones
  • Jordan Clark
  • Danny Lamb
  • James Anderson
  • Toby Lester
Lancashire are one of the biggest cricket clubs in England, one with a big history and the honor of playing at Old Trafford, a name that is known throughout global sport, even if it is a different Old Trafford to the one that many people know. They have 9 Championship wins, but their only recent wins have come in the second tier and they are not quite on par with some of the biggest teams in the country.

Lahore Qalandars

  • Awais Zia
  • Taimour Mirza
  • Usman Qadir
  • Bilawal Bhatti
  • Ehtisham Sultan
  • Nauman Anwar
  • Shahid Yousuf
  • Raza Ali Dar
  • Saif Badar
  • Ameer Hamza,
  • Aamer Yamin
  • Zafar Gohar
  • Mohammad Irfan Jnr
Lahore Qalandars have a lot of history and had a lot of promise when the franchise was first created. They became the second most expensive franchise in the Pakistan Super League and one of the few sold to an international buyer. This was backed up by some big signings, including the legendary Brendon McCullum. However, it didn’t quite work out for them. They finished 5th of 5 in the first two seasons of the PSL and they are looking to tournaments like this in order to get some trophies into their empty cabinet and to make an impression on the world of cricket. It may not be a huge tournament, but it’s silverware nonetheless, and it’s a chance for them to earn some of that big franchise fee back.

The Tip

This is going to be a decisive game in the tournament and the winner could be the winner of this tournament. This is not a big named competition, it’s not one that the loser will lose any sleep over. However, it’ still a game that the winner will be delighted with and it’s one that both will be fighting for. It could come down to a case of who wants it more, and I think that will go to the Pakistan team. Not only are they desperate to get something, but they are also playing in Dubai, where all games in the PSL are played. It may not be the same stadium, but it’s the same region and that could play a huge role. They will be used to the heat, the humidity and everything else. They will have adapted to the timezone and live near by. In world sport, when you’re dealing with super fit people who regularly fly all over the world, those things are often dismissed. But make no mistake about it, they do make a big difference. And when you’re dealing with games that are so close, it could be the deciding factor

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