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I have gotten a lot of requests from people regarding our cricket betting tips and that we should update more often, and that is great and all, I have almost been able to cover all of the matches in the IPL so far, but still you guys want more!

I have been pondering how I can accommodate my audience, and I have found that I simply don’t have enough time to be able to put out enough cricket predictions to quench your hunger for them. However, I have come up with another solution. I have gotten in touch with someone that does. I have been researching and looking for people that could help with creating cricket betting tips for our site, and then I came about the website which seems to solve all of our problems.

Cricket Tipster Background

The Cricket Tipster (or Anth Raine which is his real name) was a former Ladbrokes Manager, who has seen the inside of the business for over 10 years and have learned which mistakes the bookmakers make and helps you exploit them.

He explains that cricket is often an overlooked sport at many sportsbooks, because the sports like soccer or american sports often are bet on a lot more and thus gets most of the focus. This leaves little attention paid to cricket, and this makes opportunities arise for us as bettors.

Anth Raine also explains that he is an expert on placing bets on the side markets in cricket, that is where the most mistakes is made and where the most money is made. He does place bets on other markets as well, making the most of the opportunities that is out there.

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About the Cricket Tipster Service

If you want to receive cricket tips from Anth Raine, you can visit his website and buy the first month of tips for £7. From then on and out, it costs £37 per month to receive winning betting tips from him. If you are betting enough on every bet, this should be a miniscule price to pay to be able to win a lot of money.

It is also worth noting that you have a 60-day full money back guarantee. That means that if you are not happy with the tips, you can get back your money, no questions asked. How is that for confidence in his picks? You simply have nothing to lose by signing up.

It is very simple when you have signed up. You receive your tips in your email inbox, you read the tips, open up your bookmaker, place the bets at the given odds and that is it. No need for you to do any research, check stats or make decisions. Only thing needed is to place the bet and enjoy the game.

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