Fantasy Cricket

Have you heard of fantasy sports?

I’d be surprised if you haven’t. It’s only a $2 billion industry that’s seen a 11 percent annual growth.

It’s advertised on TV. Even in areas where gambling and sports betting is illegal.

So, if you haven’t heard of it by now I can only assume you live in a cave with no communication with the outside world.

It’s okay, I’m not judging. And you’re here now. That’s what counts, right?

So, let’s jump into fantasy sports, and more specifically into fantasy cricket. I want to give you an idea of how it all works and what you can do to get started today.

Sound good?

Then let’s make like a cricket and hop right to it.

What is Fantasy Sports?

Let’s start with an overview of fantasy sports. What is it?

Fantasy sports is an online game or tournament where you create your own team to compete against other fantasy sports teams. Most major sports are covered, including football (NFL), basketball, baseball, soccer, and yes, even cricket.

Here’s how the process works:

You’re given a salary cap. This is virtual money you have to build your team. Then you participate in a draft where you pick players to fill vacant positions on your team.

It’s very similar to how real sports works.

Once the draft is done you’ll manage your team. You can cut players, bench them, trade them, and so on.

(All this depends on the rules of the league you’re involved in.)

Then once the season or game starts, all you do is sit back to see how each player performs in real life. Their performance will earn your virtual players points. For example, you’ll earn points for touchdowns, how many baskets they make, tackles, etc. – all of which are added up.

The person with the most points at the end of a game or season is the winner.

Every setup is different. Often times it’s not a winner take all. It’s often done tournament style where the top 3, 5, or more players receive a prize.

This is the basic idea, anyway.

How Fantasy Cricket Works

Fantasy cricket is similar. The biggest differences really come down to the sport itself.

Here, I’ll show you. Here’s the process at Cricket Inc:

You’ll select your team which will need 14 players. 11 will be to play and 3 will be substitutes. And only 8 players can come from any one country.

Once you’ve chosen your team you’ll be able to mix and match the bowling and batting orders. And you’ll be able to see your players’ scores and bowling figures on your scorecard.

As far as rules go:

– Your team can bat for a max of 20 overs / 120 balls faced. Any runs scored after the 120th ball won’t count.

– Your team can bowl a max of 20 overs OR take 10 wickets. Any more after this point will not count.

From here winning is similar to a cricket match. The runs scored by your batsman should be more than the runs given by your bowlers.

If your bowlers don’t take 10 wickets and bowl less than 20 overs, you’ll receive penalty runs. You receive 12 runs for every missing over.

Prize vary for winners, but does include cash.

And that’s the general idea. This will, of course, vary from site to site.

For example, if you play at you can either play for free or you can pay to play which will give you the chance to win real money.

Fantasy Cricket Variations

I checked out a few fantasy cricket sites to see how they might differ. I wanted to share what I found. Here’s a look at two different sites and what they have to offer.

Cricket Inc.

It looks like you have two options here – Classic or Pro.

Classic – Select players to score points for your team with every run, wicket and catch.

Pro – Select players to win each match using your bowling and batting orders.

Both are based on live matches/scores.

Current matches they were covering include the World T20 Pro, World T20 Qualifiers Pro, and South Africa vs. Australia T20 Pro.

Click here to visit Cricket Inc.

There are two options here – Classic or Super 6.

The biggest difference between the two is that with the Classic you’re creating teams to join in a season-long league. And with the Super 6 you’re creating teams (daily) to compete against other teams (daily).

One is season long, and the other is daily.

But that’s not all. There are some differences in how you can pick and manage your team.

For example, for the Super 6 you choose 6 players and who your captain will be. There are no rules for who you can choose. You can choose all batsman, all bowlers, all allrounders, or any mix of those positions. It’s up to you.

The Classic option is a bit different.

For example, there are rules for who you can pick to be on your team. You need to choose 4 batsman, 2 bowlers, 1 allrounder, and 1 wicket keeper. You also pick 3 substitutes.

And you need to pick your players using the 1 million credit salary credit. Be sure to pay close attention – many players will set you back 70-90k credits.

Once you’ve chosen your players you’ll need to pick one of them to be your captain.

Then click submit.

From there you just see how your team performs in real life and make adjustments as needed.

Pretty simple, really.

Click here to visit


If fantasy cricket sounds like fun to you, getting started is pretty simple.

Most sites will let you sign up using your Facebook account details. You can also go the traditional route with entering your name, email address and password.

From there you’ll need to confirm your account. Then make a deposit.

Then you’ll be ready to participate in this MASSIVE, and more importantly LEGAL (in many areas, anyway) hobby where other players have won thousands and tens of thousands of dollars.

All for doing something they already like – watching cricket.

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