Mobile Betting

mobile bettingThe technological advances these days are nothing short of extraordinary. Nowadays you can be fully entertained simply by having a smartphone at hand or taking your tablet to go. Now these mobile devices are not only used for communication anymore, but to play games on, surf the web, write, interact on social websites and now even for sports betting. This a great development for those who love to bet on cricket online. Now you can keep up with every game and every team that you have a bet riding on. And you can access these services 24/7, no matter where you are situated.

Mobile Betting Sites

Slowly but surely mobile betting has increased its market share of online betting, and even for betting in general. Most of the online bookmakers have taken heed to this development and have added the possibility of betting on their websites or creating apps that can be downloaded to their tablets or smartphones.

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These quick advances in the ways we use online products would seem to make having websites become redundant. Soon you probably will not have to access the website itself and only have the sportsbooks as apps you can download. If you don’t want the world to outrun you, you need to be a part of this next step in online betting. Find a sportsbook that fits your need from our list of recommended mobile betting sites:

How to Bet on Mobile Devices

mobile betting devicesWith the advent of the internet and smart gadgets making their way to every home in the first world, we have forever changed how we interact with our entertainement. Before you needed to go to your local bookmaker to place a sports bet, which later developed into simply having access to the internet and a computer you could place the bet from your home or at a place that served internet. Now you can access your betting account from anywhere if you bring your smartphone that can connect to the internet. You have your bookie in your pocket so to speak!

If you would like to bet online using a mobile device, there are different ways of doing so. If you are used to betting online using a browser, you can use your preferred mobile browser and access your account from there. Most bookmakers has made their website mobile friendly, meaning that it will look a little different to better accomodate a smaller screen, but feature the same options as you are used to. This is how most of mobile betting are done, but some sites has taken it a step further where they have created a app to use specifically with their bookmaker. Check your bookie to see if they support your mobile device and how they will let you bet.

Live Mobile Betting

Now this is the highlight of having the possibility to bet on cricket using your mobile devices. Are you at the stadium following the game, but want to wager on the second half? No problem! Just whip out your smartphone and fire up the sportsbook and pick the bet you like. The same can be done if you are out on the local bar with your friends or any other place where you don’t have access to your computer.

The amount of bets and the fluidness of the live betting interfaces are staggering to say the least. As with mobile betting and internet betting, live betting is now over for pre-game betting when it comes to action, and it is no wonder. It is far more exciting browsing the bets when you are watching the game live and trying to analyze the possibilities. Live betting is definitely here to stay and is the future of betting.

Cash Out

cash out bet365 featureNow Bet365 has added another nifty feature with makes both live and regular betting even more exciting. With the Cash Out option you can now choose to stop your bet before it has even concluded. This means that if it is very close to winning, but you are worried it might turn around you can simply cash out parts of your winnings.

You can do the same if you believe there is no hope and cut your losses for a smaller return, which sometimes is better than nothing.

Cash Out gives you more control over your bets and allows you to take a return before an event has finished. You no longer have to wait for your bet to reach its natural conclusion, with our Cash Out option you have the opportunity to track your selections and Cash Out at a point of your choice. We have used it a lot with great success, and you should add this to your betting arsenal too!

Mobile Betting Bonuses and Promotions

In order to try to entice their current and potentially new players to try out their new mobile betting app or website, the sportsbook offer exclusive bonuses and promotions for those who give it a go. The importance of taking advantage of these gifts from your sportsbook is paramount in your quest to betting on sports for profit. Make sure you check out the sportsbook of your choice’s promotions page to get the latest on their efforts to keep their customers happy.

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