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Watching a football, boxing or a tennis match is always very interesting. In fact, all sports are designed so that they entertain their viewers and make the time they spent watching the sport worthwhile.

However, there is also another aspect of sports which makes following a match much more appealing and entertaining and that is sports betting. In truth, if you go back and trace the history of each sport, you will notice that sports betting has been around for as long as a sport has existed. This is because betting on a specific game or match makes the match much more enticing to follow as the person who has placed the wager is much more involved in the match action than during a match in which he hasn't placed a bet.

There are literally tens of different sports on which punters can test their sports and betting knowledge and for each separate sport there are lots of different betting markets with hundreds and hundreds of different betting propositions. These betting propositions come with different odds, ranging from the smallest to the largest, depending on the probability of the betting proposition coming to fruition.

If a betting proposition is likely to be reached when the event finishes then the odds are also likely to be lower and if you are backing a betting proposition which, objectively, isn't very likely to happen, the opposite will be true and the odds given for it will be much higher. For example, if a huge favourite such as Manchester United plays against an underdog such as Watford, then the odds for a Manchester United victory will be much lower than those for a Watford victory.

The most popular sporting events for punters are from popular sports such as football, cricket, boxing, tennis, basketball, and MMA. However, there are also various other less illustrious sports which also have a big following among betting enthusiasts and these sports include kabaddi, darts, skiing, snooker and other less prominent sports.


It is generally accepted that football is the most popular sport for punters when it comes to betting. This is because football is by far the most popular sport worldwide and football teams' fan bases are usually very passionate about the team they support. More importantly however, football fans and football punters are the most numerous of all sports fans and it is fair to say that there are literally billions of football followers around the globe.

Another important factor which makes football the most popular sport when it comes to betting is the fact that it facilitates betting better than any other sport out there. This means that if you are betting on a football match you can bet on the final outcome of the match, the final result of the match, the number of goals which will be scored, whether that number of goals will be 'Over' or 'Under' a pre-given goals limit, whether both teams will score goals or not and so on.

However, betting on football doesn't stop there. A punter can also bet on niche markets such as the various outcomes and scenarios for each half, which half will yield more goals, the correct time a goal will be scored or which team will get a caution (yellow or red card) first. In fact, betting on football has been around for so long and betting on it has naturally evolved with the game as well.

This means that in addition to the tens of straightforward markets you would expect any sport to have, football betting now also includes betting on which team will take the first corner, throw in or free kick, which team will concede more fouls or offsides, as well as which team will have more shots on goal.

When one also considers the various individual player betting markets such as which player will score the first goal or which player will get sent off or be substituted, you realize that there is literally no limit to the number of betting markets available for punters who want to wager on football.

Modern bookmakers are aware of this and are now offering more betting propositions for a single match than ever. In fact, if you compare the number of football matches being played worldwide in the busiest day of the season with the number of betting propositions offered for a match from the English second tier for example, you will come to the conclusion that the number of betting propositions comfortably outnumbers the number of matches on offer.

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Coming close to football in terms of the number of matches being played and the markets on offer is basketball. The sport which James Naismith invented almost 130 years ago has also been a favourite among punters.

This is because basketball, just like football, offers lots of options when it comes to betting. However, unlike football, basketball arguably offers much more action per active minute of play than football and this is why it has become so popular with punters.

These days betting enthusiasts can bet on which team will come out as the winner of a match in regular time or in overtime, which team will lead in each quarter, the number of points a basketball player will score, whether that number of points will be higher or lower than a previously determined limit and whether the total number of points in the match, or for each team separately, will be lower or higher than a previously determined limit set by the bookmaker.

In addition to these markets, the handicap market is also very popular in basketball matches. In it, the bookmaker gives or takes away a certain amount of points from each side and designates odds to each team accordingly, thus creating either a level playing field or a situation in which one of the teams is favourised and gets lower odds as a result.


The next sport which is equally as popular among pundits as basketball and football is tennis. Players such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovich are household names these days and the betting industry is probably the biggest benefactor of this phenomenon.

Players who bet on tennis don't have as many betting options as those who bet on football or basketball, but they still get a decent number of quality betting markets. These markets include the outright winners one, the winner of each set, the number of games and sets won by each player or by the players combined, the handicap market and many other more specialized markets.


Boxing is yet another sport which is hugely popular with betting enthusiasts and it has been that way ever since ancient Greece and Rome. Arguably the oldest sport in the bookmakers betting offer has been available for punters for more than two or three thousands of years, admittedly in much more rudimentary form than today.

Punters who wager on boxing most of the time go for the outright winner option even though there are also other markets such as the number of rounds boxed or whether there will be knock out or if the match will be won by a referee's decision.


Another prominent sport for betting enthusiasts these days is MMA. MMA has branched out from boxing some time ago and it will be fair to say that these days it may even have a larger following. The types of bets available for MMA matches are similar to boxing however, and most punters go for the outright winners market as it is the most interesting of them all.


Finally, ending with the theme of contact sports, punters also have the opportunity to bet on less prominent sports such as kabaddi, a sport which originated in ancient India. Kabaddi is not very popular in Europe and North America and probably that is the reason why it doesn't regularly feature in the offers of mainstream bookmakers. You can place a bet on the outright winners market for sure, but if you want a more extensive offer you will be hard pressed to find it anywhere outside of India.

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