World Cup

The football World Cup is a phenomenon in itself. It is the biggest football competition in every football fan's calendar and it is the biggest football competition for national football teams. The World Cup is the Champions League of international football and then some.

Players such as Pele, Maradona, Zidane, Puskas, Beckenbauer, Cruijff, Garrincha and Charlton have given their best performances at the World Cup as every players sees competing at the World Cup as the pinnacle of his career. In addition to this, the national pride and satisfaction which come with winning a World Cup can unify a nation and connect its people like no other thing in the world can.

History and Rules

The first World Cup took place in 1930 in Uruguay from 13th July to 30th July. In those 17 days South American football fans and travelling supporters had the chance to follow 13 nations divided in 4 groups competing for the top prize of being the best football nation in the World. In the final, Uruguay played against Argentina, after both teams dispatched Yugoslavia and the United States respectively with 6 goals to 1. The host nation won the final 4-2 and got the bragging rights of being the first nation to win the World Cup.

Since then the World Cup has evolved quite a lot and these days there are 32 nations participating in it. They are divided into eight groups of four and the top two nations from each group progress to the knock out rounds. After each round the number of teams is halved and at the end of the tournament, national teams fight for the gold, silver and bronze medals in the final and the 3rd place playoff match.

Brazil is the most successful nation as it has won the World Cup 5 times. Germany and Italy have won the title 4 times, Uruguay and Argentina have won it twice, and Spain, France, and England have one title to their name.

The Trophy

The World Cup trophy is awarded to the winners of each World Cup since 1930. So far there have been two trophies used. The first one was the Jules Rimet Trophy, which was awarded to winners of the cup from 1930 to 1970 and it was named after the FIFA president who in 1929 gave the green light for the first World Cup to take place.

Starting with the 1974 World Cup a new trophy was used and it was simply called the FIFA World Cup Trophy. This is the trophy which is still given to the winners of the World Cup today. It is made of 18 karat gold and is 36.8 centimeters high and weighs 6.1 kilograms.

However, it is important to notice that the winners of the World Cup take home a bronze replica of the FIFA World Cup trophy which is gold plated and is not solid gold.

World Cup Betting

Betting on the World Cup requires a lot of knowledge of how tournament football is played and is a little different to betting on league matches. That being said, there aren't many things in football betting which come close to winning a bet at the World Cup.

Outright Winners Bets

There are various types of bets which could prove successful if you are wagering at the World Cup and the first one which comes to mind is the outright winner betting proposition. This wager is perfect if you are not an avid betting enthusiasts and you don't plan to bet on and follow all the matches, but have a sneaking feeling of which nation will win at the end.

In addition to this, the outright winner market is also perfect for punters who bet on individual matches, but also have a favourite nation which they can back together with all other types of bets.

Another outright betting proposition which is hugely popular with punters is which player will be the top scorer at the World Cup and which player will be voted as the best player of the tournament.

Match Winner Bets

As with any other competition and tournament, it is very likely that the predominant bet at the World Cup will always be the match winner one. With this bet a punter can pick the winner of a specific match and back them accordingly.


The last bet which we would suggest for a World Cup match is the totals betting proposition. This is because the first rounds of the World Cup are usually full of more defensively minded matches in which every team tries not to lose. This means that backing the under two goals or one goal option might be very profitable for a punter.

On the other hand, in the elimination rounds when a goal conceded can push a team to attack mindlessly, backing a match to end with three or more goals is usually a good idea if you want to be profitable.

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