Cricket World Cup

The biggest event in all of cricket might arguably be the ICC Cricket World Cup, where the biggest nations and players gather to duke it out in order to crown the international champion of One Day International (ODI) cricket.

This tournament is only held every four years and is thus highly anticipated once it rolls around again, a statement which is supported by the fact that this is one of the most viewed sporting event of them all. No wonder when you have star players like Tendulkar, Singh, Dilshan, Afridi and many up and coming stars that will be able to display their talents on a worldwide stage.

To give you a bit of perspective just on how large it is, you should know that it ranks third among all sporting events (behind the Soccer World Cup and Summer Olympics) and is televised to over 2 billion viewers in over 200 countries. People attending the stadiums have steadily increased over the years, sponsorship money is getting larger and in turn the betting opportunities is tacking on plentiful for those interested in that.

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World Cup 2019 Group Points Table

Team Played Wins Losses Points Net Run Rate
Afghanistan 0 0 0 0 0.000
Australia 0 0 0 0 0.000
Bangladesh 0 0 0 0 0.000
England 0 0 0 0 0.000
India 0 0 0 0 0.000
New Zealand 0 0 0 0 0.000
Pakistan 0 0 0 0 0.000
South Africa 0 0 0 0 0.000
Sri Lanka 0 0 0 0 0.000
West Indies 0 0 0 0 0.000

Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule

May 30, 2019
South Africa
Cricket World Cup 2019
N/ASouth Africa
Coming Soon
May 31, 2019
West Indies
Cricket World Cup 2019
N/AWest Indies
Coming Soon
Jun 01, 2019
New Zealand
Sri Lanka
Cricket World Cup 2019
N/ANew Zealand
N/ASri Lanka
Coming Soon

History of the Cricket World Cup

The first official Cricket World Cup were hosted in England back in 1975. Although there were games played around the globe that were touted as the matches to decide the world champion, this were the first time that the tournament as we know it today were organized and held in one place. Many of the same teams that were invited back then are still in the top contending today as well.

The first three editions saw England hosting the event as this were the only place at the time that had the resources to host such a big event. This were the time that West Indies were dominating the World Cup after winning the first two official ones and then losing the third final in an upset against India.

As the game grew more popular around the world the pressure to host it elsewhere increased. In the 1987 edition we saw it move for the first time when India and Pakistan jointly hosted the Cricket World Cup. Different aspects of the game changed to keep up to date and more friendly to the new scenery. This continued onwards to the 1992 and 1996 edition as well where more and more changes came to the game.

In 1999 we saw the start of a dominating streak from a team from down under. Australia went on to not only win the event that were hosted in England, but also the next two tournaments against India and Sri Lanka. These last two events not only had them winning, but also sweeping the opposing teams. Much of this success were attributed to the very strong team that Australia had fostered up at this time led by their captain Shane Warne.

India wanted to end this unlikely streak (as probably other teams were looking to do as well) and did just that in 2011. Not only did they win it all, but they did so at their home stage when they hosted it with Sri Lanka. Australia only made it to the quarter finals and were quick to fall out of contention. Many would argue that cricket came home this tournament, and it is hard to argue given the cricket craze going on in India. Still, there are plenty of strong teams looking to make it to the finals this year and their team is gonna have to be fighting strong in order to repeat the victory.

For the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup we will see the games being hosted by New Zealand and Australia. Both of these teams are competing themselves, and although New Zealand will be an outsider to winning the tournament, Australia is looking to shape up as one of the big favorites to take it all. But there are plenty of games still to be played and everyone is gunning for the top prize in the $10 million prize pool that is on offer.

Teams Competing

These are the teams that will compete in the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup:

  • Australia
  • England
  • South Africa
  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • Pakistan
  • West Indies
  • Bangladesh
  • New Zealand
  • Zimbabwe
  • Ireland
  • Afghanistan
  • Scotland
  • United Arab Emirates

Tournament Format

As mentioned the tournament format has changed some over the years, and even since 2011 it has undergone changes. As it stands now there are 14 teams that gets to go to the Cricket World Cup to compete for the title. These teams are split into two different groups of seven that will play a round-robin format to determine which teams will advance from the group stages. There are four teams from each group that advances to the playoffs where there is a simple single-elimination tournament.

Which teams qualify for the World Cup is determined in another fashion than most other competitions. Here the Test-playing nations are automatically qualified for the tournament, which is currently a total of 10 teams. The last four places will be determined by a series of qualifying tournaments played between the teams that are right behind these top teams in the rankings.

Cricket World Cup Betting

I can assure you that an event of this magnitude is gonna garner the interest of betting sites and they will surely post up plenty of betting odds on these matches. Just to let you know how big it is: I already placed a bet on India to win in 2015 back in 2012 at the odds of 5.00(!).

Now it is getting much closer to the actual event and there are plenty more bets popping up. You have the standard outright bets on who will win the whole tournament at most any sportsbook that hosts cricket betting odds. Australia seems to be the favorite, with South Africa and India lurking right behind them.

You can also bet on which teams will win their respective groups and also who will be the topscorer during the tournament. There are over 80 players that you can bet on depending on where you are placing your bets.

As the tournament gets underway you can bet (heh) that the selection of odds and markets that are available will skyrocket. Match winners, best opening partnership, who will bat first, over/under on runs and wickets, will we see a century, and many more bets are bound to show up.

If you are looking to find a good bookmaker during the World Cup we recommend checking out our list of recommended betting sites. They include reviews we have written and gives you an idea of what you can expect from these sites. Go ahead and find your preferred sportsbook to be placing bets during this massive tournament.

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